Welcome to Closure.

We are a PVE raiding guild focused on end game content.

Our current leadership is experienced as far as Sunwell plateau, and many of our members come from cutting-edge, end game content guilds.

We currently raid T6 content and are progressing fast!

Feel free to browse the forums and contact any officers in-game with any questions you might have. Check your egos at the door, we're here to have fun and experience everything W.O.W. has to offer.


Illidan down! Guild first, and grats to the guild on loots!


Council down!

Inbetween our intense seven day a week raid schedules, and our serious gladiator PVP sessions we like to chill in shat with some like minded people.






Mother down. Only Council and then Illidan left to go.


ROS down after a second night of attempts!



More grats on more content cleared; Bloodboil down. More new staffs for Senare.


Grats guys, Archimonde down . Grats to every one that got gear, and looking forward to continuing our progression through the rest of BT!


Shade, Supremus, and Gorefiend down tonight, guild firsts. No screenies of shade or supremus, as, well, why bother, any one can pull those off. Just Gorefiend screenies.



Naj down, two shot, nice guys, Hyjal one shot up to Archi, grats on more T6!


One night, three new bosses down, Grats to every one on loot!



Rage down

Rage Down. Yes, yes; months behind.

Nice job guys for your first foray into t6 content.